Stay healthy for the Holidays

Many people struggle with maintaining their weight, and the holidays can be a particularly difficult challenge. But a few simple reminders may help you look and feel your best, even through the tastiest seasonal gatherings!

First, everything in moderation. Eating your favorite cookie isn't in and of itself a bad thing, but eating a dozen...

Next, go ahead and enjoy a drink to toast the season or ring in the new year, but just one! And only if you are of legal drinking age, and haven't been advised against it by your physician.

EXERCISE! Don't stop taking care of yourself during this hectic time of year. Maintaining your regular physical activities and incorporating physical activities into your celebrations are a great way to keep away the food stares!

And last, Make wise choices. Eating and drinking are the most common celebratory activities, so schedule with a thought to your regular habits. Eat foods high in proteins, vitamins and minerals, and low in sugars. Fats are fine too, just don't over do it! (And take a look at the fun video that talks about fats!) Enjoy yourself, enjoy the season, and have a happy holiday!

Thanks for reading.

-Dr. Joe